Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have some questions.
If your question is not answered here, do not hesitate to call or email. You will be most welcome.

Present yourself in any setting using the proprietary Oxor Method™.

Am I part of your target market?

If you need to present better in any setting, most definitely yes!

How do I get started?

We offer a free 30 minute consultation to start with. We work out the scope; sign an agreement and get on with it.

What methodologies do you use?

We use the theory of human behaviour devised by William Marston. This theory is in the Public Domain. We apply the appropriate strategy, uniquely fine tuned after years of experience, to treat the other person as they would like it. We then use a presentation skills methodology originally devised in the 1960's. Lastly, we have a safety net based on Situational Leadership theory. This sequence is called the Oxor Method™.

I can find out my Disc pattern mathematically. Why don't you use that?

That is useful if you have that. We tell all clients their pattern. Yes, we do have the algorithms to do it mathematically but we are trying to determine the other party's behaviour pattern without their knowledge. Therefore, we have no input (answers to specific questions) for the algorithms. This is why our method is of value. It is part art, part science and part experience. This is really what you are paying for... Without this knowledge, the Oxor Method™ is like a vehicle with no petrol. We have been unable to locate a provider that does this. We are not into 30 page reports!

I've heard of Myers Briggs / MBTI. Why not use that?

Marston's theory measures how someone behaves; Myers Briggs measures how someone thinks. Both are based on the work of Carl Jung. Our anaylsis on your project involves observing others. We do use MBTI on occasions. Donald Trump's behaviour pattern is clear and his MBTI is available on other sites. If you know your own MBTI assessment; that will be useful. If, by chance, you know the other person's, do tell us! What we want is to be able to say: "The other person is an Agent (or whatever). There is a generally held view that people do not like to be compartmentalised. But, under the Oxor Method™, they have no need in a lot of cases to know that they are being analysed.

You have been doing Disc for years. Can you give me some insight into each?

Sure. If you know a behaviour pattern, that person will follow that. So, in that sense, the Oxor Method™ is a predictive tool. Without divulging too many secrets, I focus on how people go under pressure. How's this?
Director (nee Creative): Rule of Law --> Judgemental; Developer: Belligerent --> Resist being bullied; Results: Intimidating --> Need to stand up to them; Inspirational: Use alternative facts --> Persist with actual facts;
Persuader: Enthusiasm --> Will need the facts; Appraiser: Conflict averse --> Narky; Promoter: Disorganised --> Need management; Counselor: All over the place --> Never rely on them, be very specific;
Specialist: Change averse --> Inertia; Investigator: Confuse facts and beliefs --> Keep at them; Achiever: Workaholic --> Take charge; Agent: Will have a cause --> Give them the credit;
Practitioner: Easiest to pick as know all --> Are very self centered; Objective Thinker: High standards --> Keep to them; Perfectionist: Theorise --> Very poor finishers; Enhancer (nee Creative): No small talk --> Super critical; never play games with them.

Do you have a guarantee?

We cannot guarantee that you will have your proposal approved or a successful outcome. That's up to the magistrate / boss / parent / client etc. But the Oxor Method™ is all about giving you a better chance as your skills will be increased over what they were. We will deliver what we say we will. If you are not totally satisfied, tell us. If you are totally satisfied, tell everyone.

Where are you based?

Sunshine Coast. We can travel but the option of that will be up to you depending on the cost. We often use Skype to avoid travel.

Should I give a presentation?

We cannot advise you on that. First, you need an invitation! Most people are terrible at presentations! And very reluctant. It has been said that some folk compare this to death!!! This is an investment in your own skills! You'll be nervous, for sure, particularly if you are in unfamiliar surroundings. This site is about presenting effectively.

Is is more than just speaking?

It certainly is. PP=PP. Poor Preparation = Poor Performance.

Can you come with us to the presentation or do it for us?

Yes. For an agreed fee :-) All cases are different. We work with you.

Is the attitude of an empirical skeptic required?

Sometimes. We supply that. But a presentation may well have to appeal to the presentee's emotions (that's where the behaviour pattern comes in) rather than 'just the facts'.
The waters are regularly muddied by spin. e.g. The AFL's claim that is a national competition or Volkswagen's handling of the emissions fiasco.
Often we (mis)quote Joseph Goebbels: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.
An empirical skeptic generally accepts claims that are in their view likely to be true based on testable hypotheses and critical thinking.
Paul Kurtz defines skepticism thus: “A skeptic is one who is willing to question any claim to truth, asking for clarity in definition, consistency in logic, and adequacy of evidence.”
Pristine Presentations™ rely on evidence to support claims.

Are you ethical?

Yes indeed. Download our ethics policy here

Are there times the Oxor Method™ fails?

Yes. The method can be used in many settings, not just for presentations. But, like any method based on rational behaviour, limits can be found where it simply not possible to achieve an harmonious outcome. This is not surprising and is why the courts are full. Oxor suggests that a must challenging combination would be a Promoter who is a chronic procrastinator and also financially toxic. It is mandatory to handle the issue in writing so you have an audit trail. If needed, write things down if oral discussions occur.

The description of a Promoter can be found by clicking here.

A Procrastinator is one who puts off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. There is some discussion that procrastination is linked to depression. The Oxor Method™ does not address psychological disorders.

A Moocher is a financially toxic person who has a tendency to want to borrow for some 'need'. It may be a book, a lawnmower, or a small amount of money as they never seem to have emough money or are lazy. Then your item depreciates while they use it. When combined with forgetfulness to pay you back or they keep forgetting to give back what they borrowed from you, it then involves you in time and effort to remind such people to return what they borrowed.

This combination often leads to finding a plethora of creative, voluminous, irrational and irrelevent excuses for delaying further. This is a challenge, no doubt. (Do not lend to them; in fact, never lend or do favours for Promoters!)

The Oxor Method™ will go some way but an amicable solution is impossible. Depending on circumstances, it might be better to have a poor compromise and cease a friendship or never use that company again. Legal action is an option, but one must weigh up the cost compared with the value of the borrowed item.

Oxor 4™ would assess readiness to return the borrowed item as Unwilling and Unable so you have to state what needs to happen. This is your second go at the issue as you start assuming Able and Willing. This regrettably corners the person who is more comfortable talking than doing. They will start name calling - do not flinch; stay calm; let them get angry and stew over the issue. If you can delay responses, then the irrationality increases. It may unearth unfortunate handling of the truth. That could be handy if it gets to court. Always stick to the facts and avoid negativity creeping in from your side. It will take extreme discipline to keep your cool, but it is essential to do so. While some experts say that you never tell a procrastinator to "just do it", the practicality is that the only way is to have a penalty for not doing the task. e.g. ceasing a friendship; taking your business elsewhere; threatening or taking legal action. This circumstance is is exactly why kids have the threat of a detention at school hanging over them for repeatedly coming in late or not finishing their homework.

We are here to give advice.

Pricing and Value

What's involved in hiring you?

After scoping out the agreed service to be provided, there is some simple simple paperwork. That means you know where you stand and we know what to do.

What am I buying?

The theories in the Oxor Method™ are in the public domain. We are not aware of anyone who uses our methodology and approach to link them. So you are buying know how.

Will I get value?

That's the aim: to give value. If you receive rave reviews after giving a presentation at a conference or a wedding, it's a win! It's also a win if you receive approval for a proposal, win a new client and so on.

OK. How much?

Free 30 minute consultation.

Phone + email interchange at $59 per hour.

A consultation in person at $129 per hour.

A phone + email + consultation at $129 per hour

Look, in many instances it works out the same as doing a behavioural résumé which is generally $388 and we do not nit pick on the exact time! All cases are different and will depend on the scope of work. To do this properly, most of the effort is behind the scenes. Work it out on the basis that to prepare a 10 minute presentation will require 100 minutes of effort by us, at least.

The 2017 National Employment Solutions Conference are charging $775 to be a presenter. And that's for a 20 minute spot plus 10 minutes questions. (Most likely, many will embark on this with no adequate presentation training).

All our rates include GST.

Payment Terms and Agreement

What are your terms?

Flexible. Sometimes we take a 50% deposit, another 30% when your set to go and a final payment after you do your presentation.

Do you give credit?

Most assuredly not. Mastercard, Visa or bank transfer are our options using PayPal.

Do you give a Tax Invoice? Have you an ABN?

Yes, we do issue Tax Invoices. Our ABN is 37 131 062 408.

Do you have an agreement?

Yes. A simple agreement clarifies who has agreed to do what and by when. You can download it here

Your brand, images and logos

Where did you get your name and brand?

The names, "Oxor" and then "Oxor Method™" were selected as they are a catchy four letter domain name. The "X" is stylised to indicate greater than.

Who came up with your logos?

Historically, all the logos were composed with specific fonts and colours by Peter Selleck.

The latest logo incorporates the stylised 'X' from Vecteezy. It is a requirement that we put attribution on this site; so here it is. Letter X Vectors by Vecteezy

Are the images licensed?

All images on this site are from Pixabay except for Peter Selleck's image. Pixabay states: "Images and Videos on Pixabay are released under Creative Commons CC0. To the extent possible under law, uploaders of Pixabay have waived their copyright and related or neighboring rights to these Images and Videos. You are free to adapt and use them for commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source. Although not required, a link back to Pixabay is appreciated. Here it is - Go to Pixabay here.

Why Trademarks?

The trademarks are indicated with ™ . The symbol ™ is used to provide notice of a claim of common-law rights in a trademark. A ™ usually is used in connection with an unregistered mark, to inform potential infringers that a term, slogan, logo or other indicator is being claimed as a trademark.

Who did your website?

Peter Selleck, under the banner of Elevanto, composed it all. The site is based on the design Bober from Themeforest and is licensed. More details upon request.

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